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One product that does it all

Seriously, there is one particular product in my home and at my business that I have so many uses for. I have used it for pedicure foot soak, bubbles for the bath, hand wash soap, body wash, washing fresh produce. I have even used it for washing dishes while camping. Then of course there is its usual intentional purpose, shampoo! Thats right, Harmonic Shampoo by Intelligent Nutrients is nontoxic made with food and plant based ingredients so it has so many possibilities and uses.

This product is my favorite most popular shampoo. It is best for fine to medium hair types and normal to oily scalp/hair. It is refreshing with a cool minty aroma that comes from the ingredients and not chemically laden fragrance. Check out this multi functional product, its a must have! Click the link below!


INVIGORATING SHAMPOO FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: The industry-revolutionizing original. Remove buildup and reveal your hair's cleanest and lightest form. This gentle, non-toxic cleanse leaves hair perfectly behaved, smooth, non-frizzy and moisturized.

FEEL THE TINGLE: Minty Destress Express aroma tingles and livens the senses. Exhilarating rosemary and bergamot essential oils leave hair and scalp feeling refreshed and hair silky with a beautiful shine.

SULFATE-FREE: Our non-toxic and antioxidant rich formulas are gentle and nourishing with scalp balancing emollients. No harsh sulfates or scalp suffocating silicones. Formulated with a low pH to help reduce frizz and keep hair looking healthy, shiny and manageable.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE AFTER JUST ONE WASH: A daily use shampoo for all hair types, especially fine and oily. Can also be used as a shaving foam for both men and women.

Gluten-free, cruelty-free and shampoos are packaged in 100% PCR recycled bottle made from your recycled jugs and containers.

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